Prayer for Patience

Here is another prayer that I found online (Pinterest, I believe) that has really gotten my attention. When I think over the stories shared in the Bible, it seems that of most of the tragic ones — Eve, Saul, David, Samson, etc. — are due to impatience, which often paves the way for other problems. Lord, help me to be filled with Your patience today, and not move until I am fully persuaded that You are the one directing me to do so! 🙏🏾


29 thoughts on “Prayer for Patience

  1. This really hits home, especially the part about being weary and being impatient with myself. Thanks for sharing this! ❤

    On another note, I had a quote hanging on my wall for years that said, "God grant me patience – but hurry!" XD Though I'd add that because I found it to be funny.

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    1. Oh my goodness, that sign in your wall is hilarious! 🙂 Or another one of my favorites, “Lord, I want Your will for my life, but I already have some great plans in the works and I just KNOW that you’ll absolutely love them, so all I really need You to do is sign off on them.”

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