No Greater Love

These verses from Romans 8 say it all, don’t you think? Truly, the greatest love we can ever hope to experience in this lifetime comes from the Lord. Nothing ot no one can separate us from His love — not now or ever. Indeed, as the song goes, “I am His and He is mine!” What an encouraging, faith-filled truth.

Can I get an amen? ✝️

31 thoughts on “No Greater Love

  1. AMEN! These are some of my most favourite verses. They changed my life. For up until then, and even thought the Bible said I was forgiven, I had been so rotten that I just knew I was a lost cause. But these verses showed me that “nothing” could separate me from God’s love. It changed everything 🙂 Praise the LORD! I say again Amen!

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      1. True and true 🙂 The LORD has shown me that He loves me in so many ways. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Him. Not only did He create me but He has kept me here for His good pleasure. I might not always know what that is but I am willing and happy to be in the dark about such things. His surprises are sweeter than all the honey in the world 🙂

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      2. They start Monday. It was suppose to be this past Wednesday but he called and needed to start this Monday instead. God is good. As impatient as I have been about the repairs, we needed the extra few days to adjust to changes in our life 🙂 Praise the LORD He is so wise 🙂 Thank you for all your prayers because they are worth more than all the riches in this world. I thank God for you Sister 🙂

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      3. I thank God for you as well, Margaret! How is your family holding up in the midst of such a challening time? I agree that having the repairs postponed by a few days was definitely a good thing.

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      4. Thank you so much dear Sister. Busy are the distractions the LORD blesses us with so we don’t get too mired down in your own flesh 🙂 Praise the LORD. I appreciate our prayers, and am always praying for you as well. What a glorious thing praying for others is. I feel it blesses us as much as it blesses the ones we pray for. I also feel it pleases God. I thank God for continuing to bless you Sister and use to do His good will 🙂

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