Psalm 77:14

One of the interesting challenges of being an (almost) daily blogger on faith-based hope is trusting that the Lord will give me something to say each day. Usually, this happens without much prompting.

And then there are days like today. Yesterday, I was restless because the topic for today’s post was not yet evident in my mind, and I knew that the clock was ticking, so to speak. So I got up this morning, and still did not know what I was supposed to write. Then I thought to myself, “No need to worry! When in doubt, simply share the Bible, and trust that the inspiration will come.” So that is what I have done. What follows is the insight I have been able to glean from this passage in the past fifteen minutes or so. There is likely far more here than I have been able to discern, and I welcome any biblical insights that you would like to share.

I observe that the psalmist declares what he knows to be true about the Lord based on his own experience and observation. Consider:

  • He declares that He alone is God: “You are the God”. He is not one of many, but He is the First and the Last — there is no God apart from Him.
  • He declares what He knows of God’s character: “Who works wonders”. How encouraging! Take a moment to look up the word “wonder,” and consider that these are not ordinary occurrences. Without support or resources outside of Himself, the Lord routinely “works wonders” in the lives of His children regularly just because He loves us. Oh, what remarkable grace!
  • He declares how God operates: “You have made known… We serve a God who likes to reveal to us what He is doing! This revelation is both progressive and cumulative (this metaphor breaks down a bit, but think of peeling an onion but never getting to the end of it; all the while, your experience with the onion becomes more powerful with each new “layer” of insight. The onion has not materially changed — we simply have gained a deeper understanding about it).
  • He declares a core aspect of God’s identity: “Your strength among the peoples.” We serve a God of unbridled strength and power, and He often finds surprising ways to showcase this aspect of His character in our lives — in ways that cannot be explained apart from His miraculous intervention.

So those are my (very recent!) thoughts on this verse. How does this passage speak to you?


10 thoughts on “Psalm 77:14

  1. Wonderful!
    I went through a book once, The Names of God, by Ann Spangler. God reveals Himself in so many ways; Ps 77.14 is a peek. In Gen 17.1 He reveals Himself as God Almighty. That alone brings me to my knees.

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    1. Ooh, thank you for this book recommendation. I do enjoy learning about the names of God — there is a teaching series by Tony Evans on the topic that I really enjoy. However, this book looks to be quite a blessing as well, so I look forward to reading it!

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      1. I tend to favor podcasts and listening to the Bible while I am stretching in the morning (I am more of an auditory processor). When I am reading from an actual book, I am surprised at how differently my mind processes the information. Thank goodness I enjoy both! There is something about seeing the words in print that makes the ideas being communicated seem more concrete. 💡

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    1. So very true. He and I may have different understandings about what it means to be “on time” (sometimes I think that His clock is behind schedule), but then I remember that I am the one in a hurry — the Lord will move in our lives when He is ready to do so, and not a moment sooner!


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