The Main Point

Ah, such true words by J.I. Packer! This sentiment has really been hitting home with me lately. I have been concerned (preoccupied?) about my circumstances, I now realize that the Lord has been trying to get my attention for some time.

Silly me — I thought He was going to speak something into my life about how He plans to intervene in my life and move in a dramatic way, but nothing like that happened at all. Quite the opposite, really. I don’t doubt that He will intervene at some point, but resolving my situation (according to my timetable) wasn’t necessarily His most urgent priority.

The story that He brought to mind was the that of Samuel and Eli (check out the first few chapters of 1 Samuel to get the full picture). It didn’t seem to bother the Lord in the least that Samuel was a little boy, and that Eli was the grown-up and the official priest in the temple. No, as the story goes, the Lord kept calling out to Samuel, and eventually (with Eli’s help) he understood that God was trying to get his attention to tell him something. You would think that God would use the official “man of God” (Eli), but that is not how He chose to operate.

And the news that God gave Samuel wasn’t exactly the kind of information that you want to hear or share about anyone — especially not your guardian and mentor. Poor Samuel was in a tough spot! You can understand why he wanted to keep mum and say precious little about what he heard from the Lord. However, Eli pressed him for details, and Samuel revealed all that God placed in his heart about the matter. From what I can tell, God first began talking to Samuel at that point and never really stopped. The way I see it, what was true of Samuel is likely still true for us — God is speaking, and He wants us to seek Him, hear His voice, and then obey whatever direction He gives to us. This appears to be the main point of a surrendered life, no?


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9 thoughts on “The Main Point

  1. “the main point” – is there a main point? God is so all-encompassing, that a surrendered life equals love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. God is all those things, and God is life itself.

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    1. Our lives are all about Him, and the big lie of the enemy is to fool us into thinking that we are here only to gratify our own desires and live for ourselves. That issue was a stumbling block for Adam and Eve, and it still us for us today, too!

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    1. There are no coincidences with the Lord. I felt very similarly when I read the passage, too. Even in the days since then, I am still feeling thinking about it. What does the Bible say about the call of God being irrevocable? So when He tells us what to do, our response shoud very well be “Here am I,” but very often it ends up being, “Not now, Lord.” Oh how we can grieve the heart of God when we behave like this!

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      1. Yes so very true. It’s like sitting on burning coals when the LORD us to do something.. 🙂 The LORD also doesn’t beg us either. He is not a God of begging. He has shown us what happens when we do what He tells us to do, when He tells us. All through the Bible. He also has shown us what happens when we don’t listen, and forge out own path All through the Bible. 🙂 He lets us pick. It is always us….for better or worse 🙂

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      2. You speak the truth, Margaret! There is somewhere in Old Testament (I am forgetting where exactly) where the Lord says something about putting life and death before us, and encouraging us to choose life. However, the choice is always ours to make each day. Our God is a Gentleman. 🙂

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  2. A surrendered life! I was asking the kids at baptismal class why they needed God. The answers were as you would expect: to pass exams and the likes. But it brought things into perspective for me. Our relationship with God is sometimes mostly about us ‘needing Him’ for something, and we don’t realise that this Eternal God created us for a purpose, not the other way around. I love this post, Daily.

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    1. You hit the nail right on the head, Tosin. God is at the center, and not ourselves.

      Your comment about “needing Him” strikes a deep chord wtihin me. I can get so focused on my list of prayer requests that I forget to simply enjoy my time with Him (just for who He is). However, since I can be stubborn, He usually has to let some painful things come into my life to get my attention first, and then He slowly strips away any potentially distracting influence — even things that are good things. Then, when everything is stripped away, it’s just the two of us, and it amazes me that for some reason, the God of the universe desires to spend time with me. And all He wants is for us to want to spend time with Him, too. Oh, what a tender heart our Lord has!


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