Today’s prayer (found from a site called Prayer for Anxiety — a helpful resource, despite the abundance of commas found there) reminds us to ask the Lord first for His wisdom, insight, and surrender each day. My favorite line is this one:

Set me on a high hill so that I may see clearly.

Oh, that God will move me from the valley of emotionalism and human wisdom and instead place me high atop a hill so that I can see as He sees, and then act accordingly.

Will you pray with me?

7 thoughts on “Clarity

    1. Ahh — sometimes the KJV states things in such a beautifully poetic way! Thank you for sharing this verse. Yes, may we be placed firmly atop the Lord’s hill and take in everything around us with fresh and tender eyes.

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      1. Yes. This has been my ‘clearest’ year yet. My just gliding through has been at its minimum. God has helped me know what to do as He draws my closer to His heart with each encounter. I’m super grateful.

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  1. Beautiful Prayer.The Gift of Clarity is priceless! All I want for Christmas is the Gift of Clarity! If Clarity was a commodity that could be purchased, the chance is that commodity would become the most precious item one could own.

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