Promise Keeper

I came across this quote today and was humbled by the simple truth of it. While I cannot say that all of my desires have been granted, I can testify that all of my needs have been addressed — perhaps not in a way that I would like, but they have nonetheless been dealt with all the same.

May I rest in the power of this truth in the days, weeks, and months ahead. I wish the same for you, too. ✝️

17 thoughts on “Promise Keeper

  1. Beautiful! How many times in this journey of life have we been sidetracked by our desires and missed our needs. Yet our ever faithful Father never fails to make sure our needs are met while our desires will whither in the heat of reality. Like a good parent God knows what we need every day. We would be wise to humble ourselves and learn to graciously accept the simple things He provides. When we can learn that, we will bow down in praise for such awesome gifts of warm food daily, a soft bed, warmth, and dry clothing. These are tremendous gifts from our Father. May we never neglect to praise Him for His providing for our needs.

    Homer Les

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  2. Our blessed, glorious Lord is so good! You’re right – He is faithful in keeping all His promises, such as taking care of all our needs, never leaving or forsaking us, hemming us in behind and before…. So many!

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