Commit + Trust

So Monday was a hard day — I thought that I might as well lead with that (it’s the truth!), but I get the impression that others may have experienced their own set of irksome challenges that day, too.

I talked to a friend on Monday evening, and she was having a similar day, too! She was nearly at her wits’ end, and I told her I was nearly there too! Thankfully, we encouraged one another and left the conversation feeling more peaceful than when it began.

Why do I share this with you? Well, in the household of faith, we sometimes neglect to share our hard days. And the hard days/weeks/months/years are where we often grow the most. So why are we often so reluctant to share our struggles?

Lest you get the wrong idea about this blog, Daily Hopeful is about faith-based hope — you know, what you need when everything and everybody around you tells you to walk away? And you may even be whispering that to yourself, too? Such faith may be but a whisper, but it is still there.

Thankfully, in my case (and my friend’s) the day ended better than it began, but nothing changed for either of us materially or circumstantially. What made all the difference was our ability to speak frankly (no Christianese here!) about what was on our minds, acknowledging the weight of it, listening supportively, and speaking words of encouragement to one another. We wrapped up the call with a promise to keep one another in prayer, but there was an undercurrent of urgency that is not usually there.

I think we (or maybe it’s just me?) forget that spiritual warfare is real, and that there is a battle for our hearts and minds everyday. Everyday. We have to know what we believe and stand by it — and make decisive choices when our boundaries have been violated.

Case in point: I recently (past month or so) started using Instagram and Pinterest for my other blog. Everything was fine at first, and then the ads started to change in a noticeable way. Recently, I was scrolling, and videos that I found onjectionable started to play. And get this: there is no way to disable that feature.

So I deleted the Instagram account, and am thisclose to closing down the Pinterest account as well, although I feel Pinterest is less offensive, but not entirely in the clear — that platform has issues, too.

And last week, I made the long-overdue decision to delete my Facebook account. Between the data breaches and super-invasive tracking, I figured it was time to go.

What I have left is my personal Instagram account (which is sort of new) and a Twitter account, which I am using for my community service venture. Straight off, I could tell Twitter would be trouble, so I only allow tweets in my feed that pertain to education. I read some of the articles, and then pick one to comment on each day. I am still new to Twitter, but so far my strategy is to respond to one post with a thoughtful question or comment. Then I put the phone down. I have not posted any of my own Tweets, and may not ever do so — only time will tell.

This is a long way of coming to Psalm 37:5, which focuses on surrendering our plans and dreams to the Lord. and then to trust Him with them. However, there are lots of other things crowding out the voice of God these days — and for me, traditional social media definitely can do that for me. The committing is only half of the solution, though!

Next, we must trust in Him. I won’t share it here, but if you have a dictionary (app) handy, look up “trust” and see what you find.

As for me, this day is done. I find that I must recommit and trust God all over again — not because He moved anywhere, but because I have. And because of the Lord’s great grace, I am able to work through this catch-and-release cycle with Him, without fear of reprisal or judgment.

Only then are we able to get to the best part of the verse, in my book: God promises that He will “bring [my] “way to…. pass.” Put another way, the Lord will make sure that I get to my next stop with the necessary tools needed — even if we have no idea where the train is headed! šŸ˜³

2 thoughts on “Commit + Trust

  1. Excellent!!
    Trust: “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.
    confident expectation of something; hope.”
    I love your whole post; I find this part especially incisive: ” not because He moved anywhere, but because I have.” God is constant. He moves in and through us, but His ways are eternal. When we depart from that Way, we must recognize and work to find our Way back.

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    1. God bless you, Kathy. I wrote that post after a rough day, so if there was anything of value in it, we know it was the Lord! I was plumb tuckered out (as my grandma used to say).

      Thanks also for sharing the definitions. I find they help to clarify things for me, too. šŸ§”

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