18 thoughts on “Way of Healing

  1. I write primarily as a discipline to slow me down and to get me to meditate on God’s Word. If anyone else is blessed in the process, that’s a bonus! Thanks for the post 🙂

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  2. I am strongly motivated by helping as many people as I can with what I have learned about positive psychology! I think that increased knowledge of this field can help people live more meaningful and fulfilling lives, and in the process, I feel that I have found a purpose in writing these thoughts on a regular basis!

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    1. The Lord has clearly given you an ideal platform for ministry, Ryan. He has also equipped you with the ability to write with great conviction and also without compromising the truth of God’s Word in any way.

      Keep on writing! 👍🏾

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  3. Again, comments disabled on your Aug 22 post. 😕
    My take on that post: We are God’s temple now, as He had made us such. When we offer prayers from “this place,” we offer them from God’s holy temple, from a pure heart, a clean conscience.

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    1. Thanks, Kathy. I saw that as well, and have brought it to the attention of WordPress. So far, I have not received a reply, but I passed along your comment to the support team.

      I will go back in and manually re-enable comments again, but it doesn’t explain why they were being disabled to begin with. This has happened no fewer than three times in the past week and a half, and I find it very frustrating — I imagine that you do, too! ☹️

      By the way, I totally agree about your view of ourselves as the “temple” of the Holy Spirit. Excellent point. 👍🏾

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