Daniel 12:3

I love how this verse is nestled in chapter 12 of Daniel — blink for a moment, and you might miss it! (and as always, I encourage you to read the full chapter to better appreciate the context, so the passage is not misconstrued).

Daniel is one of my favorite characters in the Bible, because he was humble, discerning, and extremely intelligent. However, Daniel recognized that all of these blessings came from the Lord, and his priorities reflected a worldview that put God in His rightful place in our lives: first.

This is not to say that Daniel had an easy time of things, full of ease and pleasure — far from it! Essentially, he was orphaned from childhood, and was forced to grow up in a place that was far away from the home life he once knew. Next, he ended up working for an extremely narcissistic king, but still managed to maintain his integrity, even though it was not easy. Further, when Daniel was falsely accused by his coworkers of a crime against the king, it’s fascinating that he never attempted to defend himself or cast aspersions on the character of another (even when such aspersions were warranted).

Remind you of Someone? ✝️

And that speaks nothing of the prophetic visions that Daniel received – revelation so powerful that it almost knocked the wind right out of him! Yes, Daniel’s story reminds me that being a follower of Christ isn’t always easy, and may even be frought with challenging situations. However, the Bible is full of examples of imperfect people who the Lord used to accomplish His purposes — despite their imperfections. Therefore, it occurs to me that if God was doing this in biblical times, then what is to stop Him from using me today? While my life may not be filled with ease and pleasure, it can nonetheless still be a useful and fruitful one, when offered to our Creator for His sovereign purposes.

So shine bright, my friends! Shine brightly for Him. ☀️

8 thoughts on “Daniel 12:3

  1. This reminds me of some of the hymn writers I read about. They wrote such stirring, worshiping, soul-melting hymns! Then I read some of their stories, and I thought, “How could God have used THAT person?”
    Shame on me. Who else is God supposed to use?
    Therein lies the mystery of God: He lives in us and works in/through us. What miracles!!!

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    1. I am going to have to borrow that line, “soul-melting hymns”. That is a good one. 😉

      I fall prey to the same line of thinking as well. I have to remember that the Lord will use anyone surrendered to Him (and can even work through those who are not believers to accomplish His purposes).

      As a friend of mine says, “We serve a BIG God.” So very true! ✝️

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