The Little Sparrow

To appreciate this image today, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the chorus of the classic hymn, His Eye Is on the Sparrow. 🐦 Otherwise, I’m afraid that this won’t make much sense.

Have a great weekend! By the way, the air quality is much better here than it was even a few days ago, so a lot of us are breathing a lot better now. Many thanks to those of you who were praying. 🧡

19 thoughts on “The Little Sparrow

      1. That’s nice to hear dailythankful. 🤠

        And here’s some extry sparrow info for you.

        I don’t normally watch silent movies, but there’s one that was really good from the 1920s.
        It was called…”sparrows.”

        It was about orphans who were bought and sold by a mean man, who kept them hostage in his barn in a swamp.
        And their caretaker (Mary pickford) would read the bible to them, and give them hope, based on the bible passage about God caring about even the sparrows.

        So have you a great California day in the risen Lord Jesus Christ dailythankful.


      1. By God’s grace, I am. Been busy with preparations for our Christmas concert this Saturday. I’ll share the link so those who are interested can watch it.

        You came to my heart this morning, and I prayed for you. I hope you are also well.

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      2. Thank you so very much for your prayers! That particular day, there were a number of important decisions I had to make, so your intercession no doubt made the difference!

        How did the concert go?


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