Full of Wonder

These words by G.K. Chesterton resonate with me deeply! Something about the quote makes me smile — perhaps it is the truth in it (“happiness doubled by wonder”). 😊

It reminds me of the way that little children interact with the world. Everything is an adventure, and there is such an appetite to try new things and learn — and commensurate joy and satisfaction felt when progress has been achieved. It is a tragedy of life that this wide-eyed wonder of the world fades as we approach adolescence, and it is nearly completely lost in adulthood. This is a very sad thing.

I believe that there is much that we can learn from observing children — imagine how different our walk with the Lord might be if we approached Him with such a mindset. 💡 Convicting, no? Or perhaps it’s just me?

10 thoughts on “Full of Wonder

    1. I find that He gets my attention that way, too. Several times I know that the Lord use the words of a child to get my attention. I have also experienced His love very deeply through children, and I hope the little ones experience His love through me, too. ✝️

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