Happy Monday! I trust that your day is off to a great start.

Here in California, we recently made a dramatic shift (for us, anyway) from spring weather in the 70s to the nearly freezing, windy and wet weather of today. Yes, we skipped the fall and went straight into winter, and did so rather suddenly, too. 🥶

For me, things have been interesting. I am stil resting, as my cold –> sinus infection –> bronchitis. I am entering my third week of sickness, and have not been able to work for the past two. I may not be well enough to go in this week — and when I don’t work, I do not get paid.

Surprisingly, this rest time has fostered a mindset of acceptance of my present citcumstances, plus a reminder that the Lord — Jehovah Jireh — will provide when the timing is right. How do I know this? Well, this verse from Hebrews helps. God does not change! Our circumstances may shift quite dramatically (think of Psalm 91), but the same Lord who provided for Abraham, David, Nehemiah, Rahab, Esther, Ruth, Daniel, and scores of others from the pages of Scripture will do the same for me.

Now, mind you, there has already been a temptation to do things my way. For instance, I could have worked last week for a bit, and this one, too, but would have done so at my own peril (on the health front). Further, this time of solitude has been surprisingly peaceful — I have been reading and resting, and not much else.

The Lord has already shown me that there may be another source of provision coming my way, so I am going to wait and see what He does. In the meantime, I celebrate His goodness, trustworthiness, and love, fully believing that He who formed me in my mother’s womb will not fail to provide, as He has so faithfully done in the past. 🙏🏾

12 thoughts on “Jireh

      1. Yes, He had come through for me this month in more ways than I can count! I will have to write a long-overdue post on everything that has been going on and how the Lord has been guiding and providing each step of the way,

        How are things in the Callahan household these days?

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  1. Oh, God provides! I have many, many stories in my own past. Each one of us does; and I think it would surprise all of us if God opened our eyes to His provision, and we could see, each and every time/detail, how He provides for us. I mean, when you think of how He sustains the universe, the world and everything in it, so that it doesn’t fall apart, there’s that. And then there’s all the tiny details, the “coincidental” intersections of people and places and things.
    Oh, my. I’m overwhelmed.

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    1. Yes, I am overwhelmed, too. While God’s way isn’t always my preferred approach (He seems to favor the ram-in-the-bush style of provision rather than telling me what He plans to do in advance), He does come through in ways that I never before could have imagined — and right on time, too.

      And happy belated anniversary to you and your husband!

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