Romans 8:39

An important reminder for us all today! Sometimes, I fear that I am more critical and unloving toward myself than the Lord would ever be! Oh, that we would remember that God’s love for us can never be measured or quantified on the basis of my performance. I am deeply loved by Him at all times — no less when I make choices that grieve the Lord, and no more on my “good” days, too.

Remember that you are completely and eternally loved by your Creator! 🧡

4 thoughts on “Romans 8:39

  1. My favourite 🙂 I felt that I was too filthy to ever be saved. I believed in Jesus, I knew what the Bible said but, in my head, I had been too bad, broken 11 of the 10 commandments then came this verse(actually these verses Romans 8:38-39) and it changed everything. I know I probably have shared that with you over a 100 times.

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    1. Margaret, you can always share these wonderful verses from Romans 8 with me! Your testimony reminds me of God’s faithfulness and tender loving care for us — even when we feel that we do not deserve it (especially then!). 🙏🏾

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