Out of the Midst

Hello! Happy Monday to you all.

While doing my Bible reading this past weekend, I came across this excerpt from the book of Daniel that stood out in my mind. Surely, the Lord delivered these three faithful men, but not necessarily out of their trying circumstances (the fire), but brought them through victoriously, in the midst of them.

How often my prayers are for deliverance out of the fire! When my spiritual thermostat rises above 75F, I can be quick to bemoan the heat and clamor for a way of escape. However, I must remember that sometimes God allows us to be delivered through our circumstances — in the very midst of them — because of the powerful testimony we will have on the other side. This testimony may have a powerful and life-changing impact on those around us; consider how Nebuchadnezzer and his subjects were almost immediately affected by the miraculous way that God delivered His faithful followers through their trials — not only did they survive them, but they were not harmed in the very least. Put another way, that which was designed to take them down was reversed by God to lift them up — and bring glory to Himself, too.

A few chapters later, a similar theme presents itself with the story of Daniel and the den of lions — again, the Lord chose not to rescue him from the adversity, but instead showed Himself faithful and sovereign in the very midst of it. And what a miraculous testimony it was and continues to be! Indeed, we are still talking about such stories, thousands of years later.

Oh, that I may remember that the Lord is at work and showing Himself powerful during my trials — like Daniel and the three Hebrew young men, providing deliverance out of the midst of the fire, rather than removing me completely from it. After all, could it be that the Lord has so engineered things that the fiery trials of my life may serve some kingdom purpose that may deeply touch the live another — perhaps in my lifetime, or maybe even thousands of years from now…? 💡

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