There + Back Again

Hello, friends! 🙋🏾‍♀️

I thought I was done blogging, but in light that all that has been happening in the world these days, the Lord has brought me back to Daily Hopeful. It seems that we all need faith-filled hope now more than ever — and while I certainly have my own wobbly moments, I thought we could all reflect upon the truth of God’s Word together.

As an aside, you may have wondered where I have been all this time. Well, I started working full-time back in January, at a job that I truly love. I also resumed the training for my certification program, and wrapped up another (two certifications down, three to go!). Next, I made the decision to postpone returning to grad school for at least a year — it just seemed like the wise thing to do. Finally, as you likely know, the state of California is in lockdown, so I have been sheltering in place for about a week — thankfully, my job allows me to work from home.

My family also experienced a very severe crisis back in January that was only resolved by the Lord’s providence and the intercession of many prayer warriors from all over the world. I am fine, but I may share what went on in another future blog post.

But most importantly, how are you?

This verse from 3 John has been on my heart for the past week:

Certainly, we live in unprecedented (and uncertain) times. However, if we can remember to pray 3 John 2 over ourselves and others, we can remember that every day rests firmly in the Lord’s hand anyway, and He ultimately determines whether or not we remain in “good health”.

That being said, we must all walk wisely (read the last few verses of Proverbs 4), so by all means, continue observing social distancing, good hand and face hygiene, and take measures to avoid needless exposure until this plague (and I use that word purposefully) has passed.

In the meantime, we watch and pray:

  • We pray for ourselves, our neighbors, cities, states, countries and the world, asking for mercy and grace to perservere during these perilous times.
  • We confess and repent of any known or suspected sin, and ask the Lord forgiveness. This is a good discipline for us to maintain at all times — not just these uncertain ones.
  • We call upon the Lord for help, for He alone is our Source, our Provider, Protector, and Redeemer. Without Him, we are toast! We ask for His loving hedge of protection and thank Him for all He has done already.
  • We praise the Lord because He is good, and His love endures forever.

Let’s pray together:

Lord Jesus,

We are utterly lost without You. You made us in Your image, You have sustained us for all of this time, and we know that You and You alone are the Author, Finisher, Creator, and Sustainer of all things. Your Word says that all things have come to be and are sustained by the Word of Your power, so we know that You are very much in control of this uncertain season in our lives, too. We trust You, Jesus, fully believing that You have a plan and are working it out for our ultimate good and Your glory, even if we do not understand Your ways. We love You, trust You, and believe that this, too, shall pass. In Your name we pray, amen.

12 thoughts on “There + Back Again

  1. Daily!!! I am SO DELIGHTED to see you here again! God bless you richly. ~ typing here with a big grin on my face to see you again ~
    I am absolutely with you in praying for God’s grace and wisdom in these unique times. I’m certain He has a purpose (or many-faceted purposes) for this world-wide event. It is really something to see such a thing that affects everyone in the world. Let us fall on our faces before our Almighty God, seek Him and His will and His grace.

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    1. Aww. Your comment made me smile, too! 🙂 God is good.

      These are confusing times — nothing is very clear, so we must cling to the Rock of Ages until things around us start to maks more sense. And even then, we must not let go!

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  2. Good mornin to you dailyhopeful!

    I’m sorry for the crisis that your family has suffered, and I prayed for you and your family just now.

    I am happy to see that you come back to visit with us on the blog, and I hope that your time here is a fresh beginning, and pleasant adventure to add to your life.

    May God continue to bless you and your whole family sister. 😇

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      1. Me too! 🙂 Aww, glad you enjoy them. ❤

        I'm happy to hear that. 😀

        He's about the same, thanks for asking! ❤ Because his immune system isn't good, we've decided to quarantine a week or so before the mandatory one came out just to be safe.

        How are you doing with that? Are you quarantined there?

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      2. Yes, I have been sheltering in place for about two weeks. We are living in strange times, but thankfully we know that the Lord is sovereign even over COVID-19! Still, we are wise to take precautions. 👍🏾

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