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Dear friends,

I have once again been called away unexpectedly, due to health reasons. After several weeks of awful tension headaches followed by an asthma flare-up, I believe that I am back on the road to health! The headaches are much better, and thanks be to God that my breathing is improving, too. ✝️

I am still on the tired side, but wanted to pop in and say hello — I have missed you all! I hope to start catching up on your blog posts starting tomorrow. And while I hope to resume posting regularly as of this week, my posts will be on the shorter side until I get the all clear from my doctor.

In the interim, enjoy this familiar verse from Deuteronomy 6; it reminds me that when I obey this simple command, what room is there really for fear? 💡

37 thoughts on “Heart | Soul | Strength

    1. Thanks, Efua. The “feeling better” sensation kind of comes and goes, but I have far more good days than bad ones, and otherwise my life is quite good so I am grateful! How are you and your loved ones going? And will you be hosting another summer camp in August of this year (with appropriate social distancing measures in place, of course)?

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      1. Ah, thank you, Daily my friend. I do have a prayer need: I am hosting a Ladies Day Retreat on June 27th. I proposed this idea back in January, and have had plenty of time to prepare. And I have been preparing. But now, IT’S IN A MONTH!! Aack! ~ breathing, breathing ~ Please pray that God is preparing hearts of attenders, that He will use me as His servant, and whatever else He leads you to pray. I will be grateful.

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      2. I’ve been working more intently on the presentations. This is a one-woman dog-and-pony show, so to speak. I’m the whole ball of wax. My purpose is to gift the ladies of our church a day where they don’t have to lift a finger, but just sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to Him. My verse is Ps 37.4: Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. My catch phrase is, “This is a time to let Martha join Mary.” Much of the day will be spent in confessing, repenting, and prayer, privately and in small groups. I’m providing a book for each participant; I’m using many of my blog posts for the content. My hope is that this is the first of many future Ladies Retreats; however, I don’t plan to be the organizer / presenter. I know we have many gifted ladies in our church. Also, this first one is our “baby step,” and we’re inviting only ladies from our church, keeping numbers small (except if someone REALLY has someone in mind to invite, of course, we won’t turn anyone away). If this “toe in the water” runs okay, we can tweak it and expand it to the community in future.

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      3. Kathy, it already sounds like the Lord has given you a wonderful plan and clear direction for this ministry event, and I can already tell that the ladies will be mightily blessed by your efforts. I also love how you are including your blog posts in the event — that sounds wonderful!

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      4. 😆 Nothing yet, per se. He texted, asking if he could write on it or if I needed it back. I told him it was his to keep.
        So now I’m wondering what he’s writing!

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      5. Daily, we had our retreat last Saturday. While it was very low attendance (7 ladies plus me), I knew God had brought all those He wanted. He did bless our time together: everything went smoothly, and so far I haven’t thought of anything I forgot . 😊
        Now I am praying for after-effects, and how God is changing hearts (mine included). Thank you so much for your prayers!

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      6. Kathy, thank you so much for this update! Forgive me for being out of touch — things have been challenging lately but I believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine bright!

        I am so glad to hear that your retreat was such a success — God is good! I can’t wait to hear more about it. 🧡

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      7. So good to see you in here again, and glad to hear the light is bright!
        Not much more to tell. God is so good, and He blessed; such wisdom floating around. One of the participants, who is a wise woman, suggested a ladies book study (Elisabeth Elliot, Be Still My Soul), and wants me to lead it. I am studying the book now, to get ready.

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