All Our Tomorrows

Inspiring words from Colin Powell, no? However, were I to add on to this quote, I would change it to read as follows:

None of us can change our yesterdays, but all of us can change our tomorrows, by the power of Christ, through the Holy Spirit.

I am sort of partial to my take on Mr. Powell’s words, but I appreciate the sentiment behind his original quote as well. There is a certain amount of acceptance that we must have about the past — to leave it in the rearview mirror, or perpetually look behind us,  fretting over what has been, and finding ourselves nearly totally blind to what new opportunity that may be right in front of us — if only we have eyes to see it! Attitude and perspective have a lot to do with how we experience life, no?

Put another way, faith-based hope is no respecter of persons —  regardless of our lot in life, if we believe and trust that the Lord can and will do what is best and right for us in every possible circumstances, how can we help but experience even the smallest measure (that of a mustard seed) of hope-filled faith?

Or is it faith-filled hope? Either way, our eyes our on Him — the only One who can redeem our yesterdays and transform our tomorrows.

PS – Thank you for your prayers! Today was a better asthma day. 🙂


6 thoughts on “All Our Tomorrows

  1. Praising God for better breathing! I hear in the news that pollution levels are at record lows due to limited vehicle / air travel – maybe a silver lining?
    You make an excellent point about being blind to our present if our eyes are glued to our rear-view mirrors. This must be one of the reasons God tells us so many times to not worry, not to fear. He really wants us to rest in Him. I’m reading through the Old Testament, and one of the themes that keeps ringing is how unable people are to help or save themselves out of all sorts of troubles. It is always God Who rescues, whether sin or war or pestilence or sickness. When we cry out to God, our eyes are on Him, not our circumstances or our pasts.

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    1. Kathy, you make a good point about there being an upside to all of the shelter in place orders — thank you for the reminder! Yes, I am feeling better and will be chatting with my MD tomorrow — hopefully things will stay consistent and I will be back to normal soon!

      And you are spot on about the trends you observed in the Old Testament. As it was with them thousands ago, so it is with us, sad to say. 😦

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      1. Amen to that! Yes, the asthma is steadily improving. And I am agreeing with your heartfelt prayer that the Lord will continue to lovingly shape and guide you according to His good plan and purpose. 🥰

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