All Set

Isn’t it ironic that we make our plans, but often things turn out very differently than we expected? In fact, I’d wager that it is more likely than our circumstances turn out differently than we expect, rather than going according to plan. And this may not be a bad thing — it’s all how you look at things, no?

Aside from the usual asthma stuff (yes, that is still ongoing), I made what I thought was a good plan to replace my “vintage” laptop with a Chromebook, I did my research, found a model that was highly rated, and had it delivered. All good, right? Nooo.

In a word, the device was terrible — poor craftmanship, subpar materials, a pitiful camera, and a clunky keyboard to boot. I was completely underwhelmed.

It occurred to me that something definitely can look right until you examine it more closely — only then can you tell that which is real from that which is counterfeit.

I had no peace about keeping the device, thinking, do I need this? I ultimately decided that I would rather keep my old laptop that was engineered with great skill that to settle for this pitiful device — even though it was new, it lacked the quality that I earnestly desired.

This brings me to Psalm 23 — admittedly in a roundabout sort of way. The Lord knows what I need — I am not saying that I’ll never replace my laptop, but He knew me well enough yesterday to ask me pointedly, “Is this something that you want to have in your life?” The answer, of course, was no.

I want God’s best for my life in all areas, even in the seemingly small things (like purchasing a Chromebook). Far better for me to save for the computer I actually need than to settle for a pale imitation that doesn’t do what I need it to do.

And what’s true for my computer situation also holds true for the other areas of my life. Where am I settling for less than God’s best? After all, when I do that, it’s as if I am telling the Lord that I do not trust Him to give me His very best, in His perfect timing.

So while I wait, I rest in the knowledge that the Lord is my Shephard, and I have everything that I need.

PS — I am returning the Chromebook and am getting my money back!

6 thoughts on “All Set

  1. Great post! I think this question applies to me: “Is this something that you want to have in your life? Where am I settling for less than Gods best?” I’ll have to meditate on this.

    Btw: I’m so glad you’re getting a full refund for the Chromebook. I’d definitely don’t advise anyone to purchase those laptops.
    You’ll do better with a MacBook (1st choice, whether the price)
    I have HP, (eh, it’s not bad, but it could be better)
    Make sure to get warranty for devices.

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    1. Thank you for the tip! I was starting to doubt myself and you have reminded me that I want a Mac. I’ll put my pennies away and shop for a Macbook (officially refurbished from Apple, as is my custom).

      How is life treating you?

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  2. You make a good point (as always). I can think of some important areas in my life where I was grasping at something less than best, just because I wanted SOMEthing. In retrospect, I know I should have asked God for His desires for my heart.

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