Light Up the Darkness

What a month it has been, no? I have been away dealing with health matters and trying to wrap my mind around all that is happening in our nation and world.

… and yet I have hope — hope that defies logic or explanation. Mind you, I have no clear answers, per se, but in the midst of all that is going on in the world, I have found a measure of peace and acceptance that has surprised even me, if I am frank.

Things may seem so very bleak in our country now now (and they are!), but when we pull together and focus on that which unites us — assuming goodwill and showing respect to others at all times — I believe this is where the tide can begin to turn.

After all, as MLK rightly stated, only light can banish the darkness. Therefore, are we willing to be sources of light (and life) and agents of peace in the world today, or must we insist on dividing and promoting dissention and distrust?

The choice is ours to make, dear friends: choose wisely (and biblically). 🧡

2 thoughts on “Light Up the Darkness

  1. Our one and only responsibility is to be obedient to God in all things. It’s all we can do; He blesses obedience, and through us, He blesses others.
    You bring up good points about our role in this mess as Christians; it brings to mind Brenda’s post yesterday, Definition of Love at .
    God calls us to obedience for very good reasons – His glory, our peace and joy, etc etc etc.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Brenda’s post! I enjoyed it, as it helped me to look through all that is happening in our world today through the clear and unadulterated lens of God’s truth as declared in His Word. Thank you!

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