As For You

Intriguingly, these verses were part of my Bible reading plan today — they sound as if they were penned today!

These words were given to Asa, a faithful king who sought to please the Lord in all that he did. This reminds me that we can be seeking the Lord’s will each day, but still find ourselves in situations that seem overwhelming to us — circumstances that God has either directly caused or sovereignly allowed.

So ratner than focusing on the hard times, I choose to direct my attention to the final words of encouragement:

But as for you, be strong,

Don’t be discouraged,

For your work has a reward.

So stay strong, my friends, and not be discouraged, even though the circumstances of our day are heartbreaking in so many ways. No, remember the words of encouragement given to Asa: your work has a reward.

Yes, may we always call to mind that the Lord sees all that we do, and that nothing ever done for His purposes is ever in vain. ✝️

4 thoughts on “As For You

  1. This is great encouragement!
    You’re right – those words could well have been penned today. Wow, God’s Word is truly the same forever.
    Isn’t it grand that our God, although He gives stern warnings, and although He is always true to His Word; that He is always encouraging us, always loving and guiding.

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